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Hidden Beauty


This page contains a sampling of images from the book Hidden Beauty: The Art of Gemstone Photography by Ruth Stennett (ISBN 1-56044-268-9). Click on the thumbnails below to display a larger images.

The book is available uninscribed for $35.00 including shipping and handling or inscribed by the author for $49.99. US or Canadian orders only,  please.  To purchase a copy of the book, or to get more information, email us or to order now, select the button below.

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The rocks shown are Picasso jasper,  Brazilian agate, sandstone, Biggs Jasper, petrified sycamore, thunderegg, and Indian paint jasper .     

Picasso Jasper     Brazilian Agate     sandstone    Biggs Jasper     

Petrified Sycamore Tree  Thunderegg   Indian paint jasper

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